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The Internationl Research Group in Financial and Fiduciary Ethics


What's New ?

New working paper on the role of loan officers in microfinance

Isabel Agier, post-PHD at Paris School of Economics, France, Visiting Fellow at the European Center in Microfinance (CERMi) and Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro (PUC-Rio) and Juliano Assunção, professor at the Department of Economics of the PUC-Rio, conducted a research on: ‘The role of Credit Officers in the Performance of Microloans: Evidence from Brazil ‘. The doctoral paper focusing on the skills of loan officers in the allocation of microloans at both the selection and audit stages, was conducted using data from VivaCred, an NGO operating in the favelas of Rio de Janeiro.
See: Document GIREF-01-2011

Prof. Andrée De Serres appointed Chair in SITQ

Professor Andrée De Serres, director of The International Group in Financial and Fiduciary Ethics (GIREFφ) and Professor in Business Ethics, Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development at School of Management of University of Quebec in Montreal was elected SITQ Real Estate Chair. Professor De Serres replaces Jacques Saint-Pierre who has held the post since the Chair has been created in 1995. Professor De Serres took office on January 1st 2011. See: Chair SITQ real estate ESG UQAM

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